Sunday, October 22, 2017


Have you seen the UPS delivery trucks with TAYLOR SWIFT'S CD ON THEM?

Like, what, they deliver CDs? UPS could stay in business shipping $10 CDs a week late to the few people on the planet who don't know how to download music free?

Taylor Swift's machine never stops....

The world is SO excited about the new Taylor Swift album, which is about to...oh, it's not about to be RELEASED. That's an "old school" term.

In the old days, you'd be excited over a new rock album being "released." Like it was something wild.

Now, a new album "Drops." Like a load of shit.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mayor De Lousio Says SHUN Amazon...then puts in a BID to Bring Amazon to NYC

OK, many say Mayor De Lousio is a weasel. That's a bit unfair. He's got more of a capybara head. And, lest we forget David Letterman's appraisal, he's "freakishly tall." Dave was so sickened by this mayor, that he was not invited to be on Dave's show. Consider how often Giuliani and Bloomberg appeared.

You remember De Lousio. He's the guy who said that the FIRST thing he'd do as mayor would be to outlaw the carriage horses in Central Park.

He never did it. But when it comes to crazed homeless psychos taking dumps all over New York city, and other horse shit, this guy comes up smelling like...he knows his shit.

Jeff Bezos, the Mussolini of the Internet, is an interesting assassin. He first gained fame by putting Mom and Pop stores out of business with his great prices on books. "Psst, heard of this new place called Amazon? They sell the latest books at great prices, and...FREE SHIPPING!"

Typical of bait and switch, Amazon would soon declare that FREE SHIPPING only applied on items meeting a certain price total. And then, the front page of the website was given over to something called the KINDLE, which was designed to destroy the publishing world entirely. Bezos made sure book companies played by his rules or not at all, and was not above telling very big companies that he wouldn't stock their stuff if they didn't appease him.

He made sure that used and promo copies of books were listed RIGHT NEXT to the new copies, so that authors could be further screwed out of royalties. Yes, why buy a new book when a used or promo copy in perfect condition was available? And how about setting prices on KINDLE versions, and encouraging every asshole in the world to create awful fiction and crappy, badly researched non-fiction to sell via Amazon? I mean, just to put MORE money into the pockets of the dickhead Bezos who has moved to Washington D.C, bought a town house bigger than Trump's, and could be eyeing a run for President. Or dictator.

De Lousio, could be angling to be Bezos' running mate or something. Meanwhile, the guy is talking out of both sides of his Capybara-like skull.

Support local business by not shopping online. But...let's put in a BID and beg Bezos to bring Amazon offices (and stores and drones) into Manhattan? Ah. De Lousio claims 50,000 new jobs will be created with Bezos around. Right, how many hand, and how many blow?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Who is Copyright-Nastier, PUTIN or GOOGLE, EBAY and PAYPAL?

One of the websites that monitors piracy had an interesting report on The Russians.

You thought that in the Soviet Union copyright means nothing? It would seem so. On eBay, Russian CD and DVD bootlegs are regularly sold and it's up to copyright owners to file "VERO" forms for a takedown. Communist countries routinely manufacture everything from fake Gucci bags to bogus Disney toys. But INTERNET piracy?

It seems that if piracy affects Russia's own products, or doesn't put enough money in Putin's's STRONGLY opposed. You know, like Judaism.

Yes, policing the Internet is tiresome, even for an ex-KGB guy like Putin. But he's actually doing it.

Compare this to GOOGLE, which runs Blogger and YouTube, and of course makes a fortune with a search engine that leads people to all the blogs, forums and torrents that offer illegal material. Google doesn't do much to prevent piracy. On YouTube for example, you regularly see assholes posting copyrighted material and ADMIT IT:

"I do not own copyright. I'm just posting it. Rights belong to the owners!"

But, copyright means that you are NOT allowed to COPY, right? It means that the OWNER is in total control of the item and determines what can be done with it...RIGHT? And Google would have a red flag available so that a YouTube video that flaunts copyright would be NO.

Google also has the most complicated HOOPS of any major Internet site. If you own copyright, and you notice somebody is abusing your work, you will prefer being on line at the DMV, or studying the US Government's Guide to Health Insurance, over filling out their forms.

Google also has a nasty little website where they stow all the takedown requests they everyone can see. This is sort of like reporting rape to the police, and the police posting all the information on a website, including photos. Oh, but maybe the face is blurred and a phone number "redacted." As if that wouldn't be hard to figure out. Or hack.

EBAY and PAYPAL? Ebay is Sgt. Schultz and Paypal is Col. Klink. Ebay "knows nnnnnuthing, sees nnnnnuthing," and it's up to the copyright owner to VERY SPECIFICALLY make a complaint. The ONE item would be removed, not the other obviously illegal stuff. Paypal? They have more hoops than you'll find in a 3-ring circus, and quite an assortment of ferocious beasts denying you justice. This, along with dumb elephants who will stare at the forms and simply say, "Duhhhhh, you didn't fill them out right. Fill them out again and fax them." Over and over and over.

It's certainly INTERESTING to note that Putin is actually more energetic about piracy than three companies here in America.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

NOW you've done it, Trump! Look who is ANGRY AT YOU!

Wow. A BASKETBALL COACH is annoyed with Trump. This is big news today.

What next? The CEO of Jiffy Pop? The weatherman for the NBC affiliate in Spokane? The Best Boy working on Miramax movies? The latter, being male, is not likely to have anything to say about Weinstein, but maybe, oh, JESUS maybe, Trump!

Yes, it's nice that Trump gets criticism from Twitter trolls, late night comedians and several carp-lipped impersonators. It certainly helps that a basketball coach has dared get political and risk whatever it is that sports leagues do in cases like this. But for it to be front page news?

Maybe it's MY problem for not following basketball. I never got the homoerotic thrill of seeing sweaty men in squeaky sneakers running back and forth in their colored boxer shorts and undershirts, making a big deal out of shoving a ball in a hoop that should be a foot higher than it is.

I'm not impressed with white haired white guys who get red in the face over what black players do. Or roly-poly referees.

Put it this way, I wouldn't be impressed if the WBA Heavyweight Champ mouthed off against Trump. Punched him in the mouth, yes.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Effeminate Hack James Corden Fails to get Titters

It must've been a big surprise for oh-so-cuddly James Corden. At an AMFAR banquet where badly behaving heterosexuals could surely get derisive laughter, the pasty-faced pudge's jokes fell flat.

Newspaper reports said that the campy queen of "car karoake" merely got groans when he revved up on easy target Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein, it should be noted, actually hired the lumpen British fop Corden for the film "One Chance." You might remember the shrill, histrionic hissy-fit film Corden made about Joe Meek, which I think was released as "No Chance."

That's screen captures, that's not me slanting a story or taking quotes out of context. Corden STUNK.

Cowardly Corden came out from his dressing room closet ready to get roars of approval for bitch-slapping the pubic-coated face of gruesome Harvey. He was going to pander to a gay audience and rip apart a casting coach fiend (as if there aren't more, as if there aren't plenty in the gay world too, as if powerful people of any sex or persuasion are never abusive). He got scorn.

So ends the stereotypical cliche that a gay audience loves "dish" and has a fondness for bitchy kicks-to-the-balls of any hetero who is down and out. Nope, the first real in comedy is the joke should be funny. It also helps if it's being delivered by an actual comedian, and not a pork-faced self-righteous hack.

Corden, who loves his show tunes, adores his karaoke, and his in garishly bad drag more often than Carol Channing, misjudged the crowd at AMFAR. After all, all through his bad performance, he kept denying that he sucked.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Rose McGowan Had Her Peeps Help with Fascist TWITTER

"Freedom of Speech" is a funny thing in this country.

It's a twisted thing. Morons think posting copyrighted videos on YouTube is "Freedom of Speech." It's a refrain from all the big companies such as Google and Wikipedia and even the jerks who own the "I Has Cheezeburgers" Cat-Parody site. See, if you STEAL photos, if you DON'T back up your sources, if you PLAGIARIZE, it's ALL good because it's covered by "Freedom of Speech."

Downloading the latest albums from a blog? "Freedom of Speech." Disrupting a football game to sorrowfully take a knee because your country isn't perfect? "Freedom of Speech," even if it takes place in a private stadium. Except a fan who starts yelling racist remarks in that stadium will be escorted out, with no ticket refund. "Freedom of Speech" has its limits, which are judiciously applied. Or, not so judiciously, since most people don't know anything about law.

The "Good News" is that after a trending hashtag urged people to BOYCOTT TWITTER, Twitter decided that Rose's suspension would be temporary. They even explained why she was suspended, which they don't usually do.

TWITTER, along with FACEBOOK, EBAY, PAYPAL and the rest, play Fascist games with "Freedom of Speech." Their ace in the hole, is that to use their services, you must agree with their TOS ("Terms of Service"). The TOS pretty much gives them ownership over your account. They can interpret the rules any way they like. Leave a "bad" comment in the Ebay "community forum," especially about their inept phone support or their peculiar CEO, and BANG. "You can no longer use the community forum. Another infraction and you are suspended." Post fake nudes of Rose McGowan, and that's ok with eBay. In fact, it seems to be OK with Rose herself, as when someone on Twitter alerted her to the problem and advised her to ask for a takedown, she didn't respond. That's her Freedom to Not Speak. Which is strange for such an ardent feminist. When do feminists go silent over creepy guys posting fake nudes and "fantasy" photos of actresses being whipped and beaten?

The Great Tweet, or whoever the CEO is, never told Gambling Rose what made her crap out. Their form emails simply say "You have violated our rules. You are suspended," blah blah. It was only after Rose fought back and got her Peeps to Tweet up a storm, and to rally the media, that she was reinstated:

"....her account was temporarily locked because one of her Tweets included a private phone number, which violates our Terms of Service.

"The Tweet was removed and her account has been unlocked. We will be clearer about these policies and decisions in the future."

Here's more from ABC News, including the little tidbit that TWITTER can be SELECTIVE about phone numbers, and whether Tweeting them is an offense or not. Heh heh, Internet bullies ALWAYS have "options" when it comes to "interpreting" the "terms of service."

McGowan successfully got a settlement out of Weinstein years ago, for $100,000, for "an alleged incident in a hotel room at the Sundance Film Festival in 1997." Her beef with the Mussolini of Internet Sales, Bezos of Amazon, is that Bezos is apparently still doing business with Weinstein in some way. Weinstein has been fired by Miramax and doesn't seem to be in any position to produce anything but feces in a toilet.


You think they've explained their policy to however many 100's of people they've shut down today? You think they've given these people an email or a phone number to call so they can discuss the situation with a REAL PERSON? Twitter suspends people every day for speaking their mind, and being watchdogs, and sending out maybe a half-dozen Tweets to key media sites (the same things one might send out in a press release, if people still new how to use paper and stamps).

Let's acknowledge that "Freedom of Speech" doesn't mean that some asshole can have a Twitter account just to vent racism. But let's also acknowledge that if you say one word against Trump, and you have any kind of following, you'll find yourself snowed under with shouts of "Snowflake" and "Libtard" and, as Art Garfunkel once phrased it, "the old two-word suggestion." And Twitter would explain, if they bothered, that opinions are allowed because it's..."Freedom of Speech." As THEY interpret it.

Rose McGowan got an IMMEDIATE suspension with NO explanation.

If you go to Tweetie-Pie's "TOS" page, you'll find a long, long list of ways you can be thrown off the site. Many of them simply deny "Freedom of Speech." If, in their opinion, you've posted too many Tweets, that's enough to be suspended. There's nothing called "Freedom to be a Yenta," I guess. If you want to get five or ten different people to read your opinion of something, THAT could be considered "spamming." You didn't know "Freedom of Speech" had a limit on how many people you can speak to?

SPAM? Spam, spam, spam, spam, spammmity spam. Some drone at Twitter will decide if you've crossed that pink, smelly, slushy line into SPAM:

That's just PART of it. That's only one aspect of Twitter's "Terms of Service." HOW did Rose make a stink? Maybe we'll never know. Twitter, like the rest of the Fascist Goons who run the Internet and are a monopoly, is under no obligation to explain anything.

Well, THANKS, TWITTER for keeping people safe from Rose McGowan. You know, if she sent me a Tweet, it would never occur to me to just BLOCK the woman. But now I'll never get a Tweet from her, so I can sleep at night. Oh. I actually DO sleep at night.

You think Donald Trump hasn't violated Twitter's TERMS OF SERVICE?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Harvey Weinstein's Wife - The Rat Deserts the Sinking Shit

What was wrong with this picture? What was RIGHT with it?

There are no surprises in this world. We all know that ugly rich fat executives are often PIGS. We know that the "casting couch" still exists. We know that people of either sex in power positions tend to be arrogant and abusive.

We're supposed to be SHOCKED...SHOCKED...that a woman who obviously married for MONEY is now walking away from a guy who just lost his job? Take a look at that photo again. The caption from her doesn't read: "He's SO handsome, he's SO young, and Holy Moses, I'd marry this Jew if he was just a waiter at the Second Avenue Deli."

Just as we ALL know that some movie moguls have no manners or morality, we ALL know that a beautiful young woman does NOT marry an ugly old man unless he's RICH.

Harvey still has his Academy Awards but not his trophy wife from the Stepford Collection.

Oh, the lessons we've learned. Movie producers can still be nasty. Actresses can still be stupid. Rich bitches can still marry for money.

Elizabeth Taylor once said that "fame is a good deodorant." But when you're famous for being a stinkier...well, even Lisa Bloom (the shark lawyer who went after Cosby) suddenly backed away from a big payday. She left faster than you could say "hypocrite." Harvey sent emails to all his bigshot pals begging them for a break...and they all came back "Mailbox Full Of It." He's supposedly now in the Anthony Weiner Wing of some "Sex Addiction" clinic, wondering how long it'll be...when it gets sucked again. Or, "When's my COMEback?"

All that we've seen over the past few days with the Great Harvey Scandal, is that human nature doesn't change. Rich people are abusive. Sometimes they get taken down. Nobody knows you when you're down and out. Your friends will turn around and stab you in the back. And the wife who thought you looked like potato salad in a suit is taking you to the cleaners.