Monday, January 23, 2017

SNL goes pussy, suspends Katie Rich over a barren Barron Trump joke

Only a few days ago, America elected a guy who smirked about "grabbing the pussy." How women let him do it.

It turns out that being disrespectful to women is OK. Not a deal-breaker. In fact, none of Trump's crude remarks, many tinged with racism, were deal-breakers.

BUT...making a joke about his son? Oooooooh, YOU are SUSPENDED from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, Katie Rich!

The joke wasn't even ON the show. It was a Tweet via her private Twitter account.

The first I heard of Lorne Michaels pissing on the memory of Lenny Bruce, was via a newspaper article that refused to even print the OH SO OFFENSIVE joke.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. This is the show where a full grown woman dresses up as a Jewish bar-mitzvah boy, and makes fun of him. Over and over.

That's Vanessa Bayer, right? Her tedious schtick, often on "Weekend Update" is to mock the self-centered way a JEWISH BOY reads from a prepared text.

Last I heard, Vanessa Bayer was still working at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

So where IS the line? You can make fun of a child if you're an adult?

If it's a fictional child?

I also recall SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE making fun of Rudy Giuliani's kid. I think it was Bobby Moynihan, dressed up in a brat suit, and making ugly faces, mocking the way Rudy's kid stood at Rudy's inauguration, fidgeting as kids do.

That was ok. It was on the show.

Katie Rich does a Tweet that has nothing to do with the show, and gets suspended from the show.

HERE is a report that quotes the quip.

Let me quote that Tweet once again:

"Barron will be this country's first homeschool shooter."


That's obscene, isn't it? Not like saying "Grab the pussy," but OBSCENE. And so wrong. SUSPEND HER.

How in the world did she get the idea that Barron Trump might grow up to learn how to shoot a gun? From Dad, who laughs at any idea about gun control, even after the massacre of CHILDREN at a school in Connecticut? Remember that?

Kids were destroyed, shot to pieces, and Republicans including Trump shrugged. Too damn bad. Some even said it never happened. It was a hoax. Like Obama being an American citizen.

Jesus, oh Sweet Jesus, Barron Trump's brothers never shot anything.

The media reports that some dopey petition got 70,000 signatures? SO? How many MILLION people voted for a guy because he promised to kick Mexican ass, Muslim ass, and Chinese ass? How many MILLION roared about how the Libtards and Treehuggers had better STFU because it was TRUMP time?

A Saturday Night Live writer NOBODY has ever heard of, knocks off a quip. Too soon? Too mean? Too...WHAT?

Ask the Clintons, or someone who knows the Clintons well. Like, uh, Monica Lewinsky. Monica jumped in (ok, waddled in) declaring her opposition to "bullying."

Hey, Monica, that was not BULLYING, that was a witticism. Was it not funny? Not witty? It wasn't BULLYING. It's also not bullying to make fun of a fat cocksucker who goes after a married man by snapping her thong in front of him.

Another Clinton heard from: Chelsea.

Yes, the daughter of "lying Hillary." You remember that. Trump called Chelsea's mother "Lying Hillary," and suggested that when he won, he'd have her ARRESTED.

That's not bullying. That's politics.

Anyway, Chelsea insisted that we must let a child be a child.

Uh, yeah, Chelsea. But if the child is standing around at an inaugural, looking like a pint-sized annoying replica of his annoying Dad...

Tell you what, Chelsea, do YOU keep Barron from seeing photos of his mother naked with her hand over her crotch, or should Katie Rich do it? Or Lorne Michaels? Or every member of the Tea Party?

I agree that kids should generally be allowed to be kids. I agree...with who? With the London Daily Mail or the Daily News, who routinely put Kardashian ass and Jenner wardrobe malfunctions on the front page for kids to see? Or the most gruesome photos of maimed bodies and mutilated faces?

Nobody made jokes about Obama's kids, because they didn't do anything ridiculous. Barron wearing the same hairstyle as Daddy IS a bit ridiculous. And if he acted in any way like Andrew Giuliani, well, do you just bite your tongue or glue your hand to the desk and not take a chance with a quip?

People don't like the way Barron Trump looks? True, he can't help that he looks like a pouty spoiled rich kid. He also can't help being given the name "Barron," like he's some kind of royalty. What he can do about it, is stay the hell off the Internet, along with most 10 year-olds. What's Donald's view? That 10 year-olds should be able to go to adult websites, say "I'm 18," and get in? That they should go to eBay, type in "used panties" and see sluts talking about their "odors" and "message me for MORE information."

Maybe people shouldn't say anything bad about Donald Trump, because Barron might see it and get upset.

Generally speaking, kids SHOULD be off limits. They can also do things to prevent themselves being bullied. Like staying off the inaugural platform, not dressing up like a little Prince, or posing smirk-for-smirk with Dad. You see the photo above. Does it make you want to...quip?

Trump screamed everything was RIGGED...till he won. Then nothing was rigged. We should forget about what the Russians allegedly did. We should also forget that Trump said he'd "drain the swamp" and instead he's appointed every vicious crook and fat cat to cabinet posts...AND added nepotism with his son-in-law too. The list goes on and on.

But let's be upset because some kid got a quip about him, which he probably didn't even see, and which had to be a lot less traumatic than pix of Mommy naked.

Katie Rich and every comedy writer and comedian takes risks. Tell ten great jokes and people laugh and laugh, but if the next one isn't funny, people boo, glower, and get offended and even walk out. It's always been "keep going, keep you've gone too far."

Lorne Michaels should know better than to suspend a writer for a joke. An apology is more than enough.

AND, P.S., should Barron start being as bratty as Andrew Giuliani, does anyone really think that SNL wouldn't have Vanessa Beyer dress up as Barron? Why not? Making fun of a Jewish boy was ok.

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

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Friday, January 20, 2017

The Historic Day

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Attention, smirky, annoyingly loud protesters:

NOBODY pays attention to ANYONE who begins a chant with "HEY HEY, HO HO."

The only thing that's "GOT TO GO," in that chant, is YOU idiots, an hour later on the bus.

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