Saturday, May 19, 2018

Alec Baldwin says Happy Birthday to Malcolm X the Ignorant Anti-Semite

I was a BIT surprised that Alec Baldwin's ABFOUNDATION Twitter account re-Tweeted an inane comment from Colin Winkydink.

Winkydink. Kaepnerick. Whatever. You remember THAT guy? Mr. Weak in the Knee. He's the one who was told, second-hand, that Francis Scott Key was a racist, so he began protesting "The Star Spangled Banner."

Then, when a bit of RESEARCH proved that Key, a lawyer, often helped the slaves, the revisionist protesting shifted to: "Colin is protesting POLICE BRUTALITY!"

He just HAPPENED to take a knee during "The Star Spangled Banner" instead of, say, writing an editorial for a newspaper, or showing up at protest marches.

COLIN KAEPERNICK has retained his slave name, too. The name of some WHITE guy and his wife who raised him. But here he is, shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY....MALIK ELSHABAZZ, your spirit lives on! #MALCOLM X."

Yeah? Become COLIN X. Or try Preparation H because you're a pain in the ass.

Back to ALEC BALDWIN. I've been following his ABFoundation because mostly, the Re-Tweets are fairly interesting, and often about vital concerns, such as climate change. I felt sorry for Alec when he was goaded so easily into making a fool himself so TMZ-type pappar-assholes could make money off his rages. While his Trump impression is a bit weird (the gruesome mouth) he's been funny more often than not.

But Retweeting a cheer about MALCOLM X? What IS the matter here? Anyone bother to READ the speeches this scary bastard gave? Anyone REMEMBER how vicious and ignorant he was? Anyone remember why there was so much concern over Cassius Clay becoming Muhammad Ali?

It was because people worried that Muhammad Ali, a great hero, a great fighter, a funny and witty guy...was joining a group tat was violently anti-white, and led, in part, by a far nastier "loudmouth" than he ever was: MALCOLM X.

I'll back this up with THE TRUTH in his own words.

This includes his anti-white insanity: "When you call him the devil you're calling him by his name -- serpent; another name -- snake; another name -- beast. All these names are in the Bible for the white man...."

This includes his anti-Semitism: "The Jews...know how to rob you, they know how to be your landlord, they know how to be your grocer, they know how to be your lawyer, they know how to join the NAACP and become the president -- right or wrong? They know how to control everything you've got."

Those two tidbits come from a 1962 speech from MALCOLM X, ranting in all his ignorance and religious intolerance and psychotic fanaticism. Frankly, Malcolm X would've spat on Colin Kaepernick for being half-white (white mother). A half-white devil with a WHITE MAN'S NAME? I doubt Malcolm would've been thrilled by Colin Kaepernick.

He'd tell Colin to change that slave name and become a Muslim...or get lost.

If you want to be a revisionist asshole, you may not want to read the UNEDITED words of Malcolm X below. If you DARE, you might have to indulge in some self-hypnosis and keep repeating while reading: "This man is NOT a racist, this man is NOT a racist...this man is NOT a religious fanatic...this man is not a religious fanatic." Keep telling it to yourself.

The 1962 speech all about what religion is right and what religion is wrong, and how the white is the DEVIL in general, and the JEW is most definitely worse.

Here's Malcolm, the BIRTHDAY HERO:

"...Understand...six thousand years ago another tribe came on the scene. It was made different from all of the twelve tribes that were here when it arrived. A new tribe, a weak tribe, a wicked tribe, a devilish tribe, a diabolical tribe, a tribe that is devilish by nature. So that before they got on the scene, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that when we came with the Earth, the oldest city on the Earth is the Holy City, Mecca, in Arabia. Mecca is the oldest city on Earth. Mecca is the city that is forbidden. No one can go there but the black man. No one can go there but the Muslims. No one can go there but the believer. No one can go there but the righteous. And at Mecca are kept the records of history that go on back to the beginning of time. He says that fifty thousand years ago another scientist named Shabazz became angry with the scientists of his day. He wanted to bring about a tougher people. He wanted the people to undergo a form of life that would make them tough and hard, and the other scientists wouldn't agree with him. So this scientist named Shabazz took his family and wandered down into the jungles of Africa. Prior to that time no one lived in the jungles of Africa. Our people were soft; they were black but they were soft and delicate, fine. They had straight hair. Right here on this Earth you find some of them look like that today. They are black as night, but their hair is like silk, and originally all our people had that kind of hair. But this scientist took his family down into the jungles of Africa, and living in the open, living a jungle life, eating all kinds of food had an effect on the appearance of our people. Actually living in the rough climate, our hair became stiff, like it is now. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that the only hair that the black man has today that looks now like it looked prior to fifty thousand years ago is your and my eyebrows. Right here, you notice, all Negroes has straight -- I don't care how nappy their hair is -- they have straight eyebrows. When you see a nappy-hair-eyebrowed Negro [chuckle] you got somebody. But all of this took place back in history, and everything The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches is based on history...

...a blue-eyed devil...We call them what they are. White, that's their color, but devil, that's what they are. These aren't white people. You're not using the right language when you say the white man. You call it the devil. When you call him the devil you're calling him by his name -- serpent; another name -- snake; another name -- beast. All these names are in the Bible for the white man....

...And by devils I mean all those blue-eyed, blond-haired, white things....they were rounded up. They were rounded up and taken down to the edge of the Arabian Desert. They were stripped naked, stripped of everything except their language. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that we put lambskin aprons around their waists to hide their nakedness. We put them in chains and marched them across the hot sands of the Arabian Desert . This is what the black man did to the white man, brothers. This is what the gods did to the devils.

...Moses never went down into Egypt. Moses went into the caves of Europe and civilized the white man. It was Moses who raised the devil from a dead level to a perpendicular and placed him on the square. Moses taught the white man how to cook his food. Moses taught the white man how to build a house for was Moses who put the white man back on the road toward civilization. He told him that he was supposed to rule for six thousand years, but that much of the time had already been lost, and at the end of time one would come who would destroy the whole white race. Moses taught them this. And this is why when the Jews, two thousand years later, were looking for the Messiah, they thought that Jesus was the Messiah and they put him to death because they knew when the Messiah came he was going to destroy that whole race of devils. The Jews knew this, so they put him to death thinking that they could stop him from destroying them. But actually, they made a mistake because Jesus two thousand years ago wasn't the Messiah. Their time wasn't up two thousand years ago. Their time would not be up until two thousand years later, the day and time that we're living in right now....

...the Jews have a better knowledge of history than the Christians do, do they not? The Christians' history only goes back two thousand years; the history of the Jews goes back beyond four thousand years. Can you see this? And the Muslim history goes back...there is no limit to the Muslim history. If you notice, the Christians can only go back to what they call the Greek Empire. That's what they call the Occidental, the beginning of the Occident, the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, and so forth. The Jews have a knowledge of history that goes back to Egypt and Babylon. You notice how one goes has no limit. There are no chains on how far you can go back when you are a Muslim. The Christians and the Jews combined go back to whom? To Adam, and they stop right there. And they say beyond him there was nothing happening. The greater their knowledge of history is -- this has an influence on the type of religion that they accept. Do you understand?

....The Christians can't call themselves the Chosen People because their history is not long enough. They can't go back to the time when the choice was being made. The Hebrews, the so-called Jews, can go back so far they can lay claim to that which is actually not theirs. But the reason they can claim it is that nobody else they are dealing with can go back far enough to disprove them. Except the Muslims -- do you understand?

....Remember, Abraham's religion was Islam. Abraham wasn't a Jew, Abraham wasn't a Christian, Abraham wasn't a Buddhist, Abraham was a Muslim, which means he obeyed God. God told him, yes. He said, your people are going into bondage, they're going to become slaves, they're going to be afflicted, they'll be strangers in a land far from home for four hundred years. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says you and I are the seed of Abraham, we're the descendants of Abraham. Now the preacher in the church, he tells you that the Jews are the seed of Abraham. One of them is right and one of them is wrong: either Mr. Muhammad is right and the preacher is wrong, or the preacher is right and Mr. Muhammad is wrong. This is what we are putting on the line today.

Who is the seed of Abraham? Is it this blue-eyed, blond-haired, pale-skinned Jew? Or is it the so-called Negro -- you? Who is it? And what makes it so pitiful, many of our people would rather believe that the Jews are God's Chosen People than to believe that they are God's Chosen People. They would rather believe that the Jew is better than anybody else. This is a Negro. Nobody else would put everybody else above him but the Negro. I mean the American Negro. Remember, God said that the people would be strangers. The Jews aren't strangers. The Jews know their history, the Jews know their culture, the Jews know their language; they know everything there is to know about themselves. They know how to rob you, they know how to be your landlord, they know how to be your grocer, they know how to be your lawyer, they know how to join the NAACP and become the president -- right or wrong? They know how to control everything you've got. You can't say they're lost...."

When I was growing up, Cassius Clay was a hero. When he became Muhammad Ali he was still a hero. Dick Gregory was a hero. Godfrey Cambridge was a hero. I respected and admired Dr. Martin Luther King and I was frightened by the hateful, vicious speeches of Malcolm X. I am frightened by people who, in their revisionist insanity, consider him to be a great man. Did you read the speech above and find it great, or did you find if ignorant and evil?

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Media...leading the way in low-class crassness

When pressed with SOME reason for promoting decency and taste, parents will say, "Think of the CHILDREN."

Yes. I've seen people on the stealing forums and the download blogs, cautioning people, "Don't post nude images! Children come here..." to steal music on mp3, books on ePub and movies on mkv files.

As morality erodes, news websites are doing what they can to keep up with being down and dirty:

Well, Millennials don't have kids, do they? Most have found themselves infertile due to bad food, radiation, pollution, whatever. And besides, the demographic IS 21-40. While even the NY POST reported that the catcher suffered an injury in an "unfortunate" location, the sites that most often re-write the copy of other sites, make sure to play it for hip laughs.

Who advertises on Deadspin? Dating and porn websites? "NUTSHOTS," really? "DICK and BALLS?"

There was, of course, nothing about the nature of the injury and how it was treated. Too technical. He suffered a hematoma, which involves swelling and the body's natural efforts to deal with an injury. There was nothing about how the doctors "saved his testicles," as one normal news site put it, or that he was able to walk out of the hospital without much of a limp.

Nah, it's all a dirty joke. Like, oh, The President and the Stripper.

Oooh, Harry and Meghan - the world CARES so much! Checkers, anyone?

Nitwits in both the UK and USA are losing their minds over yet another ROYAL WEDDING.

So what did the first one do for you all? "Keeping up with the brats?" They've got three so far. Other than that, what have they accomplished...for world peace, for climate change, even for tourism? People know that England is no longer England, it's a multi-cultural kill zone where trucks bang into people on bridges, and random stabbings and beheadings can happen just about anywhere at any time. Ah, but they haven't burned the faces off women via bus and train bombs in a while.

Meanwhile, the latest wedding has a twist...the bride is a multi-cultural American, with an obnoxious white slob father and a bunch of sleazy siblings. How sleazy? Even Piers Morgan is ranting about them all.

Meanwhile, novelty companies and ETSY entrep-manures are coming up with all kinds of "collectible" items...from a ginger (that's Harry's garish red hair) and "American mustard" (a reference to Meghan and who knows, a gynecological problem) added to a take-away meat dish, to, yes, a "Royal" condom that has their picture on it.

So if we're being tasteless, let's add...

Into the invented world of reality shows, and "supermodels" with rich daddies (Hadidday-Haddadies) nothing quite creates pointless hysteria like the good old-fashioned obsession with ROYALS.

In a backward world where religious fanatics think they are superior to everyone else, and people of other religious should be killed, there are people who actually think there's such a thing as ROYAL BLOOD, and the superiority of Kings, Queens and Princes.

Meanwhile it's the Prime Minister of England, the Mayor of London, and other elected officials who are dooming England to more violence, more people on the dole, less tradition, and a continued loss of tourism dollars. One difference between this current hoopla and ones in the past, is that most people lining the streets to get a glimpse of the ROYAL COUPLE, and shout "HUZZAH!" and "CHEERS!" to them, will be looking over their shoulder to make sure there's nobody with a knife.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

What, it's against YER RELIGION to give a kid a home?

News from Oklahoma: if you BELIEVE in Jesus, that's a good excuse to keep a hungry, lovelorn, bewildered kid out of the hands of a couple that is seeking to adopt.

That is, if the couple is GAY.

Good thing Elton John and his husband live in Georgia.

There are heterosexual couples that adopt simply because of finances. They get money from the government. They keep most of it and give the kids the minimum of food, clothing and attention. But the important thing is that they're, what, role models for how a man and woman should behave?

We can debate this endlessly, but one important question here is...why bow down to any crackpot's BELIEFS, just because they're RELIGIOUS? There are people whose RELIGIOUS belief is that every other religion is bogus and all practitioners are infidels who should be killed. In Oklahoma, can a Muslim murderer a Christian and get away with it because it's a RELIGIOUS BELIEF?

How about the RELIGION that sacrifices animals on an altar? We look the other way on that most of the time? Yeah. We do.

Orthodox Jews can kill hundreds of chickens in the street, with blood and feathers all over the place, and it's ok because it's a RELIGIOUS ritual. Maybe after a few hours of this insanity, they clean up the street at least?

One of the tough questions is the separation of church and state, and just how much tolerance we should have for Christmas decorations on government property, declaring CERTAIN religious days to be pretty much holidays where there's not even mail delivery or allowing somebody to collect jury duty money by sitting day after day and reciting, "it is against my belief to judge my fellow man." Sure. Go back and sit down. As long as you're AVAILABLE for jury duty for three days, you're fine.

Prisoners often convert to Judaism while in jail, because they know the "kosher meal" is going to be better than the one served to everybody else. Oh, they don't get circumcised or read memorized passages and say "today I am a man, they just say, "Holy Moses, I'm a Jew."

Mr. Lennon sang, " religion." Imagine that. No religion that gets in the way of sanity. There are people who respect the Muslims who ran planes into the World Trade Center because they had such belief in GOD, they weren't afraid to die. Right. They were stupid enough to think they were going to heaven to fuck virgin goats lubed with hummus. They were religious fanatic assholes.

Shouldn't the caveat be: you can practice your religion as long as it doesn't conflict with LAW? If you want to kill animals for your religion, move to Spain and become a bullfighter. If you want to say that Elton and David are horrible people who should not be allowed to raise children in affluence, then go set up Heterostan somewhere outside of Cretinous Croatia or wherever you can find cheap real estate. You want to stand in front of mourners and shout "God Hates Fags," then don't expect to be protected on religious grounds...and face the same laws that require "freedom of speech" idiots to stay a respectable distance away from everyone else.

Why are people in such awe of RELIGION? They aren't in such awe of people who believe in Flying Saucers. But an invisible friend? All powerful? Who instantly looks down when one of the thousands, millions or billions says "Oh Lord..."???

One more thing. PAY SOME TAXES. Owning a building where only you and your loonies can babble, is hardly an excuse for not paying real estate tax.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

And the witch hunt should include Phil Spector, Jerry Lee Lewis & Wagner? Really?

The atmosphere of Salem, Massachusetts and the McCarthy hearings is leading to all kinds of insane notions of who should be banned from EVER performing and...get this...people YOU should or shouldn't be allowed to hear on SPOTIFY.

Yes, in the latest example of PC insanity, the Daily News suggested five artists that should be banned from SPOTIFY along with R. Kelly. Robert Kelly, an illiterate accused of sex with underage girls, pissing on women, making them zombies in some way or another, was the recent subject of a mighty "mute R. Kelly" Twitter campaign. Ooh, it's working, sort of.

Let's remember, this is not coming from a "fake news" site or somebody's blog. It's coming from the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, which means that an editor, if not an entire editorial board, thought that million should be reading this.

Here are the five artists the Daily News thinks should NOT be heard by SPOTIFY subscribers:

The case against R. Kelly is fairly logical. The guy abuses women. Should be be condoned for it? Allowed to get royalties for his songs which don't overtly suggest women be pissed on or abused while underage? SPOTIFY feels that he is violating their "Terms of Service." Which is easy to do. Just say "you're violating our Terms of Service..." and find some clause or other such as, "we reserve the right to do what we please for any reason at all."

The other five?

CHRIS BROWN has had scuffles with the law. Hurting him financially on Spotify might send a message to him. Like, "Be happy you're selling on Amazon with Jeff Bezos, and that you don't have Judd Apatow screaming that venues shouldn't ever book you."

TED NUGENT is an asshole but he's entitled to his opinions, and his fantasies. He wants to sing about sex with "jailbait?" There's a difference between singing about it and doing it, and in these wonderful United States, age of consent varies wildly, as does the age in which a girl can marry. Which brings us to...

JERRY LEE LEWIS. The Daily News is pissed off that Jerry Lee Lewis married a 13 year-old. The marriage lasted quite a long time. There are many states in America where it's legal to marry a girl that young. There are states where you can marry a boy that young or a tree or a piece of lawn furniture. Where's the legal justification for knocking him off Spotify? Because he had great balls of fire?

PHIL SPECTOR was convicted of shooting a woman in the mouth. He claimed it was suicide, but the jury thought he wigged out. A producer, the Daily News would be happy if you never heard The Beatles' "Let it Be" album on Spotify ever again. Well, Paul McCartney might be happy about it, but I doubt Macca would agree with the reason for such a ban. Do this, and a vast amount of famous "Wall of Sound" singles would be gone, and the artists deprived of their royalties. Why punish them for what their producer did? What's next, ban Spade Cooley records?

Spade Cooley was a killer. And do you draw the line at killers, or do you add rapists, and then perhaps drunk drivers or robbers? How about celebrity suicides? That's illegal, you know. Kill yourself and you are technically a killer.

RICHARD WAGNER, whose music is banned in Israel is suggested for a SPOTIFY ban because he was an anti-Semite. We're a bit late on this one. Do we ban every racist who, in unenlightened times, had cracked views on genetics? The point might be to spurn people who are alive and need to understand their idiocy. Like Roger Waters.

ROGER WATERS is an anti-Semite and a hater. So is PETER GABRIEL. They both want sanctions against Israel, and NO other country, because they believe Israel, and ONLY Israel, is an apartheid nation. Which it isn't. Waters is one of the Top 10 money-earners in rock. He tours the world and anti-Semites cheer him and his Nazi-esque outfits and flying pig balloons. To have his stuff banned by SPOTIFY might send an economic sanctions message. See how HE likes it.

Claiming a woman is a witch, or a man is a Communist, is ancient stupid and lethal non-thinking. Now it's claiming everyone is a racist, or a misogynist, or a pedophile. The bony finger points to...Al Franken for touching a tush. OUT he goes. To Jeffrey Tambor for being a big dumb celebrity who thought he could put the make on a co-worker. OUT he goes. And...JERRY LEE LEWIS is a pedophile? And we should check the list of convicts and go from Phil Spector to Spade Cooley on down the line, preventing people from having the choice of listening to their work or not?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Freedom of Speech?? DON'T say "Ladies Lingerie" in a crowded elevator!



They actually SELL lingerie, right out in the open, in DEPARTMENT STORES!

Like, you can go into Macy's or Bloomingdales, get into an elevator, and it'll take you to...


There should be a law.

And YOU are looking at a photo of a LADIES LINGERIE department! If you're reading this on a laptop, in public, BE CAREFUL!

Somebody might look over your shoulder and be OFFENDED.

Might accuse you of being a PERV!

You COULD be arrested. The cops will come and handcuff you first and ask questions later. Your picture could be snapped and put on social media, and then…you might be FIRED from your JOB.

Remember, "Freedom of Speech" in this country has LIMITATIONS.

Today's news: SANCTIONS will be made against a male professor if he doesn't apologize for…

...brace yourself….

...are you prepared?

He SAID something...

...are you ready? HERE IT COMES....HE SAID...

"Ladies lingerie" in a crowded elevator.


If he FARTED in a crowded elevator, he would've been ok. That wouldn’t have been an offense for SANCTIONS. Not even if he did it deliberately and chuckled about it.

But saying “Ladies lingerie” is…MISOGYNY!

That’s what the complaining woman said.

A study in twits, huh? On the left, a smug, obnoxious short-haired short-tempered twat. On the right, a prune-faced prof who THINKS he's funny. Funny, he's not. But he's not sexist or a woman-hater. He sure as hell wasn't trying to pick up that ugly broad with a clever opening line.

The story:

"Richard Ned Lebow, professor of international political theory at King’s College in London, was in a jammed elevator when someone asked him what floor he needed to get off on.. “Ladies’ lingerie,” he joked." You know, he was pretending like it's a department store? "He was attending the International Studies Association conference in San Francisco at the time. Simona Sharoni, professor or women’s and gender studies at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, also present in the elevator, took offense and several hours after the incident, she filed a complaint with the association, which found that Lebow violated the group’s code of conduct.

"After Lebow was made aware of the complaint, he sent Sharoni an email telling her “I certainly had no desire to insult women or to make you feel uncomfortable.” He also suggested she may have “interpreted my remark out of context.”

“Like you, I am strongly opposed to the exploitation, coercion or humiliation of women,” Lebow wrote, “As such evils continue, it seems to me to make sense to direct our attention to real offenses, not those that are imagined or marginal. By making a complaint to ISA that I consider frivolous — and I expect, will be judged this way by the ethics committee — you may be directing time and effort away from the real offenses that trouble us both.”

Oops, Professor. You went a LITTLE TOO FAR. AGAIN.

You apologized...but then you ruined it by telling the woman that you thought her charge against you was "frivolous." When you GROVEL do not GRUMBLE.

You expected this twat with NO SENSE OF HUMOR to react well to the word...FRIVOLOUS? Why, you DICKHEAD!

While every day people make corny jokes and silly jokes, don’t just roll your eyes or ignore them. Get OFFENDED. File a complaint.

Strike a blow for all those with absolutely NO sense of humor and a very petty sense of priggish self-entitled bullying.

The news article confirms:

"The ISA committee found fault with Lebow characterizing Sharoni’s complaint as “frivolous.” It instructed him to issue an “unequivocal apology,” which he refused to do.

"Lebow told colleagues this is “a horrifying and chilling example of political correctness” that “encourages others to censor their remarks for fear of retribution.”

Political correctness. Yes. We'd rather than that, than have a laugh.

My Sharoni punked up a haughty comeback:

"For decades, women and other marginalized groups in the academy had to put up with white men who decided what counts as a violation and what is ‘frivolous.’ As someone who has dedicated her life to confronting sexism (and other forms of discrimination and oppression) in academic spaces, I cannot and will not remain silent when misogyny is at play."

Yes, MISOGYNY. The woman says calling out "Ladies' Lingerie" in an elevator is MISOGYNY. Really? Tell that to guys who actually DO call out "Ladies' Lingerie" in the elevator at Macy's or Bloomingdales, intent on buying expensive underthings for their lady friend! What BASTARDS!!!!!

Sharoni probably wears boxer shorts.

"Lebow faces appropriate sanctions from ISA if he doesn’t write an apology by May 15. ISA did not immediately respond to request for comment."

Of course they didn't. the ISA doesn't want to COMMENT because they have the FREEDOM to SPEAK and they are ashamed, baffled and confused by that. They MIGHT say something that COULD OFFEND SOMEBODY.

I know this is an awfully long report here...but...I wouldn't want to offend this twat Sharoni by writing something...BRIEF! Get it? BRIEF! Oh that was so offensive…BRIEF…ask Blogspot to inflict sanctions….

LENNY BRUCE and the F**king Cunt Problem at the Miami Herald

The poster boy for obnoxious racist assholes, George Zimmerman, was at it again.

The pudgy killer, arrested a half-dozen times, was once again hauled in, this time for making threats against a writer. In this #metoo age, hopefully there was also a charge for talking dirty to a female cop.

Why it's mentioned HERE, is the odd semantic issue of what IS or is NOT a "bad word."

You've probably seen how often the PC brigade has been taken into consideration, and news articles have written "p**sy" or "b*tch" etc. This, along with the coy habit of mentiong "the f bomb" and "the n word." Shit, what are these assholes up to? We don't KNOW the words?

As the late great dirty comedian Pearl Williams liked to say from the stage, pointing to some scowling ringsider, "If you're so refined how come you know what I'm talking about?"

The Miami Herald, in describing chunky George's tirade, said he called the female cop a "f**cking cunt."

Odd, isn't it? FUCKING and CUNT sort of go together, don't they?

My friend George Carlin tried to dissect why certain "bad words" are nastier than others. He mentioned there were two-way words such as "pussy" and "box," and words that seemed fairly harmless, like "twat," but he did note that a lot of women draw the line at "cunt." But, nobody at the Miami Herald?

This leads me to recall George's friend and influence, Lenny Bruce. Lenny pointed out that "FUCK" is the most taboo of the sexual curse words.

Indeed, over at TBS, on Conan O'Brien's cable show, the censors allow "shit." But not "fuck." The latter word is erased. This leads to some pretty confusing sentences, where you wonder if your sound suddenly gave out.

According to Lenny, this goes back to the religious leaders of the Church and Synagogue. The powerful church has always been against "FUCK." Why? It's about priests and rabbis, Lenny insisted. "Both the priest and the rabbi shit. But only one of them fucks."

Do you suppose the female cop was not equally offended by the two words? She didn't mind being called a CUNT, but resented being called a FUCKING one? Hey, Miami Herald, is THAT the reason for your oddball censorship??